Cryptococcal infection

Last updated: Wednesday, 24, November, 2010
Local Infection SitesAppropriate Tests

Cryptococcal antigen - serum.

Cerebrospinal fluid examination including cryptococcal antigen.

Biopsy (fine needle or surgical) - microscopy and culture for fungus, with subtyping of Cryptococcus neoformans variety. 


Although the yield is low, sputum microscopy and culture and blood cultures should be performed.

Fine needle aspiration of lesion - if not diagnostic, lung biopsy may be required.

Skin infection

Skin biopsy.

CNS infection, especially

  • Meningitis¬†
Cerebrospinal fluid examination

Prostatic infection

Seen particularly in patients with AIDS.

Urine - microscopy and specific culture for Cryptococcus neoformans.