Anaemia of chronic disease (Anaemia of Inflammation)

Last updated: Thursday, 28, October, 2010
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Chronic inflammation, especially

FBC, blood film; CRP; ESR

Anaemia is normocytic or microcytic and is due to abnormal iron utilisation despite adequate bone marrow iron stores and a blunted erythropoietin response to anaemia.

Results of ferritin, iron/iron binding capacity may be difficult to interpret.  A trial of oral iron may also be of value. Soluble transferrin receptor levels may be indicated, with normal values in anaemia of chronic disease uncomplicated by iron deficiency.

See also Anemia 

Associated blood film features: neutrophilia, thrombocytosis and prominent rouleaux. Other useful parameters include elevated ESR, CRP, increased fibrinogen.

Malignancy, especially