Last updated: Saturday, 15, January, 2011
PresentationAppropriate Tests

Syphilis testing - serum.

Primary syphilis

Syphilis testing - mucocutaneous ulcer; lesion fluid for microscopy should be collected by an experienced practitioner. If available, PCR testing may be performed on a swab.

Syphilis testing - serum or CSF should be repeated in 4-6 weeks if initially negative. Investigation for other sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV infection) should also be performed.

Syphilis is a notifiable disease; the source of infection should be traced.

Secondary syphilis

  • Rash
  • Condyloma latum
  • Mucous patches

Tertiary syphilis

  • Gumma
  • Aortitis
  • Neurosyphilis

Syphilis testing - serum or CSF.

Cerebrospinal fluid examination including microscopy, protein (oligoclonal bands), glucose.

Congenital syphilis

Syphilis testing - serum (mother and infant, including IgM in infant).