Endometrial biopsy

Last updated: Monday, 05, April, 2004

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Item Process

Tissue from curettage is required for investigation of post-menopausal bleeding and endometrial disease. 

Limited biopsy without cervical dilatation (pipelle biopsy) gives limited information but if correctly employed can assess hyperplasia or malignancy. 

Due to the small amount of tissue sampled false negative results for neoplasia are possible.


Fixed tissue: for light microscopy, immunohistochemistry. 

Fresh tissue: for microbiology or if frozen section is required (consult laboratory staff).


Investigation of menstrual disorder, post-menopausal bleeding, hormonal status, infertility, inflammatory disease, infection, and neoplasia. 

Identification of products of conception and gestational abnormalities.


Histological examination for assessment of stage of development of the endometrium, endometrial inflammation, hyperplasia and neoplasia.

Identification of products of conception and gestational trophoblastic disease; determination of tumour type and grade.


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