Collagen binding assay

Last updated: Wednesday, 31, March, 2004

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Item Process

4.5 mL blood added to 0.5 mL citrate.


Immunoassay (EIA; ELISA) with measure of binding of VWFAg to collagen-coated microtitre plates. Abbreviated VWF:CB.

Reference Interval

Generally 50-200% of the level in pooled normal plasma.


Additional functional VWF complementary to the ristocetin cofactor assay in the investigation of a possible bleeding disorder: diagnosis of von Willebrand’s disease and its variant forms.

See von Willebrand factor (Ristocetin cofactor; VWF:RCo) and von Willebrand factor multimers.


Levels are reduced in classical (type I) von Willebrand’s disease, usually to a similiar extent as the reduction in factor VIII and VWF:Ag.

Levels of VWF (collagen binding and ristocetin cofactor) are reduced disproportionately to VWF:Ag in type 2 (A and B) VWD.

In Type 2M VWD, levels of VWF:CB and/or VWF:RCo (that is, either or both) may be reduced disproportionately to VWF:Ag, depending on the specific VWF defect represented.

See also von Willebrand's disease; von Willebrand factor antigen (VWF:Ag) and Ristocetin cofactor.


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