Procainamide - serum

Last updated: Thursday, 25, March, 2004

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Item Process
Specimen5 mL blood in plain tube, collected as a trough level immediately prior to next dose.
MethodChromatography or immunoassay.
Therapeutic Interval

Procainamide: 17-42 mmol/L (4-10 mg/L)
N-acetylprocainamide: 36-87 mmol/L (10-24 mg/L).


Therapeutic drug monitoring.


Both procainamide and its major metabolite N-acetyl procainamide are active pharmacologically and should be measured as the relative levels differ in slow or fast acetylators.

Procainamide half-life is about 3 hours, whereas N-acetylprocainamide has a half-life of about 6-9 hours.

ReferenceKarlsson E. Clin Pharmcokinet 1978; 3: 97-107.