Thyroglobulin - serum

Last updated: Tuesday, 30, March, 2004

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Item Process

5 mL blood in plain tube.



Reference Interval

<38 µg/L. Thyroglobulin should be undetectable in a patient who has had a total thyroidectomy.


Detection of tumour recurrence in thyroid cancer.

Investigation of suspected thyroiditis or thyrotoxicosis factitia.


Detectable levels in patients with thyroid cancer who have had a total thyroidectomy (and who should cease thyroid replacement therapy for 2 weeks prior to testing) indicates the presence of residual tumour.

Stimulation with recombinant TSH prior to testing has been recommended. Levels in thyroiditis and thyro­toxicosis are high, but if thyrotoxicosis is due to self-medication with thyroid hormone, the level is suppressed.


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